Duplex Planet

In 1978, having received a degree from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston in fine arts as a painter, David Greenberger took a job as activities director at a nursing home in Boston. Inspired by his conversations with residents, and influenced by artists’ books (specifically works by Ed Ruscha, Davi Det Hompson and Athena Tacha), he created The Duplex Planet, a long-running periodical based on those exchanges. Though he worked in the nursing home only for a couple years, The Duplex Planet became a parallel world and the umbrella designation for Greenberger’s evolving approach to his art, leading to a number of books, several documentaries, a comic books series, and recordings. For the past two decades his focus has increasingly been on the creation of monologues with music, resulting in more than a dozen CDs and performances for museums, theaters, and universities.

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