Documentaries about Greenberger
A King in Milwaukee directed by Nicole Brown & Brad Lichtenstein (2010)
The Behavior of the Fish directed by Luca Diperrio (2006)
Lighthearted Nation directed by Jim McKay, produced by Michael Stipe (1989)

Films based on The Duplex Planet
Whitewash produced and directed by David Kagen (2000)
Your Own True Self produced & directed by Paul Athanas & Jay Rooney (1993)

Life (Part 2), PBS (2007)
Late Night with Conan O’Brien (1993)

Appearances by Greenberger in other films & documentaries
Tributary produced & directed by Russ Forster (2002)
So Wrong They’re Right produced & directed by Russ Forster (1995)
The Band That Would Be King directed by Jeff Feuerzeig (1993)
voiceover in Everyday People directed by Jim McKay (2004)
Duplex Planet issues seen in Ghost World (2001)